How to Hide Games on Steam [ 2021 Update ]

Hide Games on Steam

Steam is the largest digital distribution platform for PC games, with a community of more than 100 million users who use it. In this post, you can hide games on Steam also. If you are a Steam user and your profile is set to public, you are showing your game library to millions of users. … Read more

How to download movies purchased from Amazon to PC

download movies purchased from Amazon to PC

Before learning how to download movies purchased from Amazon to PC, let’s take a look at what Amazon Prime Video is. Amazon Prime Video or Prime Video is a streaming service on demand. It houses thousands of movies and TV shows and comes with video rental and purchase services. Amazon Prime Video is available worldwide … Read more

How to Remove Snapchat Filter Completely

Remove Snapchat Filter

Everyone is interested in changing their face for something that looks incredible. Many AR applications have done their job now, but they can’t get past the level of Snapchat filters. Here you will know how to remove the Snapchat filter. Snapchat uses advanced AR technology to map different categories of filters to faces. The company … Read more

How to Dual Boot Windows 10 with Android 10

Dual Boot Windows 10 with Android 10

If you want to run Android applications on your computer without installing the emulator, it’s best to double-load Windows 10 and Android. It takes a long time, but the overall experience is much better than using the Android emulator. Here you will make dual boot Windows 10 with Android 10. Dual-booting Android and Windows 10 … Read more

How to Clear Hidden Cache On Android

Clear Hidden Cache On Android

A cache file is a JavaScript file hidden somewhere on your mobile phone, you like to clear the hidden cache on Android. And the sooner you get rid of them, the faster your phone will return to normal. There is usually a question as to whether removing these hidden files will ruin the content you … Read more

How To Download Snapchat Without The App Store

Download Snapchat without an application store

Snapchat is a free real-time photo visit that gives you access to your iPhone device, allowing you to share and share your moments with your friends and loved ones. Is the Play Store not responding well? For third parties to download Snapchat without an application store. With this application, you can control how long your … Read more

How To Rip 3D Models From Games Blender

Rip 3D Models From Games Blender

The moment you open the Blender 3D tool for your purpose, you should have mastered all the buttons and features entered on the screen. To rip 3d models from games in Blender, let’s begin! The experience gets easier over time, but as a general rule, most people find that after seeing a slightly more complex … Read more

How to Get MXQ Pro 4K Firmware Update

Get MXQ Pro 4K Firmware Update

In this post, you will get MXQ pro 4K firmware update. It is a power device that runs on the Amlogic S905 with an Android 5.1 Lollipop. This is one of the cheaper devices than other popular Android boxes such as Amazon Firestick and Mi Box. The ability to stream Kodi to MXQ Pro is … Read more