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Yes-Movies – Best Sites Like Yes-Movies

Yes-Movies - Best Sites Like Yes-Movies

Yes-movies web site is one of the best trusted and reliable movies platform specially designed for mobile devices. Not only that, it can also be access on laptop. This platform focuses on entertainment and it deals with top class contents. On this movies website, you can watch full movies of any kind without you downloading them. You can as well create an account to watch them.

Yes-Movies - Best Sites Like Yes-Movies

If you are looking for conducive and trusted movies download site or platform, that offer movies of all kind, yes movies is a platform to look up to. Let dive dipper into the world of smart phone movies watch and bring out the best movies apps that can help you to watch movies on your mobile phone online for free. Without telling me, I already know some of us love watching movies and everyone has their own genres to observed movies like action, comedy and so on.

On a normal note, we watch film on TV, theater or by our DVD in our homes. But nowadays, a maximum of this people, prefer to watch them on line without them downloading them. There is millions of movies app on the Google play store and also on the apps store this means, you will be confused, for choice when it comes to selecting the appropriate app. Because of this many apps, it has really become a taught to find the best movie app especially if you are new on the website.

So if you are searching for a platform or web site for movies download, I advise you to try yes-movies download and if you are not satisfy with the movies yes-movies site offer, then you can look through these names of movies website and their link. So please take your time, to browse through this platform I have listed below.

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List of Movies Website Like Yes-movies and their Links

Here are some of the best movies website like the one of yes- movies that you can browse all types of favorite HD movies from and get them on your mobile devices.

  • F-movies: https://www6.fmovies.to/.
  • Go movies: https://go movies. Page/.
  • Vidics: https://www.vidics.to/.
  • Mega share: https://megashares.co/.
  • Tinkle pad: https://tinklepad.cc/ .
  • Yes movies: https://www.1.yesmovies.co/.
  • See HD: https://see hd.ru.
  • Movie4: https://movies 4k.ag/.
  • Movies watcher: https://www.movieswatcher.site/.


I know you find some entertainment in streaming movies online. That is why I have given you nine picks and I also know these substitutes for yes-movies will certainly fulfill your needs. But if you should ask me, which one is the best among all, I actually prefer yes-movie, f-movies and movie4 for you to watch from. You don’t have to restrict yourselves from them. Visit every website for you to enjoy different experience.

How to Download form Yes-Movies Website

Yes-movies are the very perfect place to download movies of all kind from. Do you want to know the steps to download your favorite movies right? Then follow this instruction just the way it has be listed bellow.


  • Go to your web browser or chrome on your mobile phone or devices.
  • Type yes movies.to in the search bar and click on search arrow button to proceed to it page.
  • On this page that open, now search for the movies you want to download.
  • When you are done with that, and you have the video you search for, then copy/cut the URL address by pressing the key combination of the key sticks [TRL+LON in a computer the URL will be highlighted and you can easily copy it cut the URL by taping[CTRL +COR CTRL+X].


  • The same applies to the second step which will now takes you to another step closer to the download media file.
  • After you have obtained the video URL on this second step, search 9xbuddy in Google/yahoo/bingo or any other engine that you use often or go to your website by simply typing [9xbuddy in the address bar].
  • At the home page of the buddy, you will see a big rectangular box below the minions with caption
  • Then enter the media file URL in the box.
  • After finish pasting the media list in the box, tap on download button or if you are on your pc laptop, press enter.

step 3

  • When you are through with pasting and clicking the download button, it will take you a few seconds to extract the download of the media file from the URL that you past.
  • When the extraction process is finished, you can now see various media file format and quality sizes.
  • What you need to do here, is to select the one which you need.
  • You can view the size if you feel like.
  • To do that, click on the button ‘’show size’’.
  • When you are done with that, then select your desired video quality and format and click on the download button.

Your media file will start to download automatically and you can watch it as many time as you want.

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