Why does Facebook messenger say active not using (Updated Feb 2022)

It usually takes about 7 minutes to update a Facebook action as inactive. Your mobile phone and FB app may exchange information related to messages. It makes it look like yours on the internet.

Why does Facebook messenger say active not using? (Updated Feb 2022)

This is ideal for caution. When you log out of Facebook on your computer, your phone will take over the association. The Facebook move may take 7 minutes to update offline, but if the phone takes over the association, it may take another 7 minutes to turn off the phone.

The information may not have been updated by the time you confirm that the application is running in the background of your mobile phone. If it’s a few hours later, I think it’s because Facebook Messenger is running in the background.

So to keep things simple, Active means that you are connected to the Internet and your status is “online”. In this case, someone else on your mailing list can see your status online and send you a message or call you via the messenger displayed on their screen. ..

If you want to view offline (idle), sign in to Messenger or switch to “Offline” mode in the Messenger settings panel.

Note: When you log out of Facebook on your computer, your phone will take over the connection. It may take 7 minutes for a Facebook activity to be updated offline, but it may take another 7 minutes for the phone to turn off when it takes over.

The (last) active feature of Messenger is not taken seriously, especially when it comes to relationships.

Facebook messenger Active saying

If you run (and log in) the app in the background and are connected to the internet, it will show up as active.

Maybe if you go down the street and come to a place you visit often (cafeteria, grocery store, or your friend’s house) and your phone automatically connects to that location’s Wi-Fi, It shows you positively.

  • If you’re not using Facebook or Messenger, you may be using a WIFI-enabled phone.
  • So when WIFI is on, Facebook and Messenger are always in sync to detect new activity in your Facebook circle.
  • For example, send notification about something or a new message.
  • This may be the reason why you are actively displaying when you are not using Messenger.

Normally, as long as you’re connected to Wi-Fi, you’ll be “active” on Facebook, whether you’re using it or not.

I’m not kidding. I have a friend who blocked me in the middle of the night when I saw the active green dot of the messenger when I was sleeping soundly.

It’s more accurate in the Facebook application (it’s harder to access because Facebook requires Messenger to be installed to read the message).

That is, whether the user is connected to Wi-Fi or does not send a message, it stays, for example, 5 minutes ago. .. ”

how to stop it?

Let’s talk

You can turn off the Internet or click on a program and drag it to the program information in your head to stop the program from running.

If that doesn’t stop, we recommend password protection.

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