How to Wake Someone up When their Phone is on Silent iPhone

Most of us prefer to switch the phone to silent mode during a meeting or sleep to avoid inconvenience. Would you like to wake someone up when their phone is on silent iPhone?

However, if the phone is silent, someone may need your help or information from you.

For this reason, both Android and iPhone have phone settings that alert anyone when the phone is in silent mode.

However, you cannot alert the person you are calling unless your contact is set up to overcome the silent ringing tone of the person you are calling.

Wake Someone up When their Phone is on Silent iPhone

The same procedure applies if the person you’re calling owns an Apple device. You can make a call as long as the contact is on the emergency contact list.

There is also a setting that requires the contact to be activated if the contact wants to hear your call when the phone is silent.

As with Android devices, this process involves adjusting silent settings.

Use find my phone features

If you know the details of the iPhone or Android of the person you are calling, you can log in to that person’s device and act as if you lost the phone.

Even in silent mode, the phone will ring normally.

  • The easiest way to use it is to not find the phone website. Simply enter your friend’s phone number and select “Hello” and the phone will ring automatically.
  • Google Voice is also useful for silent phones. It also stands out because it is a trusted website. Simply enter the contact information of the person who is about to wake up and call that number.
  • The Find My iPhone feature is available to those with an Apple device.
  • If you press the Play Audio tab of this feature from your mobile phone, your friend’s mobile phone will ring loudly even when there is no sound.

You can also ping your friends from your Apple Watch.

Use a buddy alarm App

  • The nice thing about the alarm app is that it works even when the phone is silent.
  • If you have a friend alarm, you can monitor your friends to wake them up at the right time.
  • If you need to wake up friends regularly through their phones, the Buddy alarm app is perfect.

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Not only does this app have an alarm, but it also has a messaging feature to keep you connected with family and friends.

Below are the steps to wake someone up when the phone is silently using this app.

  • Download the Galarm app from the App Store.
  • After downloading the application, the set clicks on the new alarm icon on the right.
  • Select the option to create another person’s alarm.
  • Add the person you plan to wake up from your contact list. If the person who wants to wake up has Galarm, the phone will be notified when the alarm goes off.
  • The application also allows you to select the time elapsed before being notified if a person misses an alarm.

Thanks to this feature, you can send another reminder to increase your chances of waking up your receiver if you fall asleep during an alarm.

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