Use Google Tasks – Learn How to Make Use of Google Tasks

Use Google Tasks - Learn How to Make Use of Google Tasks

I know both young and old have heard of Use google tasks. We all know google to be a search engine where they go to make research or make download of all kinds. Today I will be written about google task because not everyone know what google tasks is. Google is wide learning platform. This site is the most popular tool used around the world. That is to say, you can access this platform anywhere in the world. On this article, i we not be taking much of your time since everyone has little idea of what google tasks is.

 Use Google Tasks - Learn How to Make Use of Google Tasks

What is Google Tasks and where is it found?

The question viewers are asking this day. What is google task? well, this content we be revealing to you what google tasks is all about. To answer that question, google tasks is a place where to create list of items or tasks that you want to do, and the thing you want to accomplished. You can use google tasks to create a multiple list.

You can also use it to make a lists for grocery items, hardware stores and so many others. Google tasks is built  into your Gmail, and that is the easiest place to get started using the google tasks. You just have to tap on the tasks icon in the right hand sidebar of the page. and after brief animation, you we get a new google tasks account. Another place where you can find the tasks, it can be find in the google calendar sidebar.

The google tool has a lot of nice feature that will give anyone satisfaction. And i am going to list some of them and bring them down into details. The good feature that i am about to review, is the google task feature. Google task is a bonus that always comes free with a Gmail account. I want you to know that you can only get this bonus if you have not switched already. So keep on reading to know how to get this bonus.


How Do I Add Tasks to Google Tasks

If you want to add tasks to google tasks is very easy and simple. All you have to do, is to open google tasks in your Gmail sidebar, now see what you will do bellow.

  •  Click on your enter key to save the task
  •  You can instantly type in another task
  •  If you need to edit the task, then click on it to select or edit text right in the list
  •  You can simply add more details to tasks from their edit view. click on shift + enter when you are saving a tasks to see its edit view.
  •  You can also tap on the pencil button beside the task.
  •  From there, you can add a description, due date. or subtasks

How To Get Google Task Bonus

Like i said in the fourth paragraph of the page, that google task is a bonus that always comes free with a Gmail account. And you can only get it if you have not switched already. How can you get this bonus? Well that is what you are about to find out.

  •  Go to your device browser.
  •  On the search bar of the browser, type in
  •  Then login to your Gmail.
  •  Now locate the setting button at the top right corner of the Gmail page.
  •  Then select the option that says ”try the new Gmail”.

On the new Gmail, you are allow to view attachments, email and snooze. You can watch appointments and so on.

Create Task on Google

If you want to know how to create task on google, then make good use of the steps bellow.

  •   What you need to do first, is to open mail that you want to create a task for.
  •  After that is put in place, click on the ”more” icon and select the optio that says ”add to tasks”.
  •  Then set up a name for the task,and you have successfully have task on google.

How To Create Tasks For Chrome

There is a chrome extension for google tasks. If it happen that your chrome browser is your mail device browser, then you can download the extension. For you to download or install this extension to your chrome browser, is very easily. Follow this info bellow.

  •   Head to your chrome web store.
  •  Use the search bar to search for google tasks.
  •  A list of search result we be displayed to you.
  •  Click on add to the chrome tab to get the full screen of the google tasks.

Once you apply this steps, the extension will be added to your chrome web browser.

How Do I Use Google Tasks?

You mean you want to learn how to use google tasks? well, if that is what you want to know how to do, then i will tell you on how to make use of it on both mobile and computer. Making use of this tool, is not difficult. Just continue reading to find out.

For Mobile Device

  •   To use use this tool, download the google task app.
  •  After downloading, open the google task app on your mobile device.
  •  Click on the ”add a new task” on the task app.
  •  Now enter a task. Add a date and time to repeat and click on the ”save” button.
  •  To change a tasks, you have to open the google tasks on your mobile device.
  •  Then click on the task that you want to make editing for and change the task information.
  •  After that click on the ”back” button.
  •  To mark a task, then you have to open the task app on your device. On the left of the task, click on the ”complete”.
  •  To delete tasks from the google tasks app that you are, hit on the task you want to delete and click on the ”delete” button.

On Computer Or Pc

  •   Login your Gmail from your pc.
  •  Now tap on the tasks on the right hand side of your computar screen.

For Tasks Creating

  •   After logging to your Gmail
  •  Then click on tasks see in the right hand side of the screen.
  •  From the menu that displayed, tap on the ”create a new list tab”.
  •  Type in a name for your list and then hit on ”done”.

Then you are  successfully created task from your computer.

How To Get To Google Task

Before i forget, i want you to also know that this tool have an application that allow you to set your tasks on google mail. Another thing google tasks can do for you, it also keep notes. I said that google task can be find on google calendars. Without taking more of your time, let get to see how you can get to google tasks.

  •   Go to your mobile device browser or computer as usual.
  •  On the web search bar type in
  •  Note; you can’t login to your Gmail if you don’t have Gmail account
  •  If you haven’t done that you can sign up by filling your name and the rest required information.
  •  When you are done click on ”next” button.
  •  On the next page that you are taken to, you will be told to provide a mobile number. type in your mobile sim number in the require field and click on the ”next” button.

Wait for a minute, and a confirmation code will be sent to you by google. Type in this code in the required box and click on the ”create my account” button. Those are the easy steps to take when signing up for Gmail. Now that you have access to google task feature. Next thing that i will show you, is how to view google tasks in Gmail.

How To See Google Tasks In Gmail

To view google task from your Gmail is quiet easy to be frank. I was so much surplice when i discover that a lot of people are still finding it hard to view google task in Gmail. Well, this is why I’m here. To view google tasks in Gmail follow this part bellow.

  •   Login in to your Gmail account from google.
  •  After you successful login, click on the icon that say ”tasks” from the drop down menu.
  •  Immediately you click on the task, a list will be displayed at the botton left hand side of the page.
  •  On this page, input the tasks name. type in the task details in the empty box and click on the ”view due date” button.

When you apply this steps just the exact way listed above, you will be able to view google tasks from your Gmail account.


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