How to Unlock Snapchat Account

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Snapchat is a popular social media app. Many people are using it to communicate with their loved ones.

If your Snapchat account is locked and doesn’t seem to open it can be irritating. However, if your account is blocked there is a reason behind it.

How to Unlock Snapchat Account

The Snapchat team must have seen some activity from your account that is against their rules. They may have found a suspicious log-in or other activity from your account.

  • You need to follow proper terms and conditions as it is for your fun and safety.
  • If your account is blocked here are some things you need to do to unlock it:

Use the Unlock page

  • If you want to unlock the Snapchat account you need to uninstall some third-party app or a plug-in.
  • In any case, if the app you are trying to install is unauthorized you will need to completely uninstall it.
  • You will also have to update the latest version of IOS to uninstall the app.

Visit the web browser

  • For unlocking your Snapchat you can go to here from your browser.
  • If the account is not blocked permanently you will be able to open it after a few hours.
  • You can get access to this page from your laptop or phone.
  • Sometimes the offense is serious and your account may not unlock for about 24 hours.

Log into your Snapchat account

  • You need to enter your username and password to log in to your Snapchat account.
  • Click the yellow button at the very end of your page.
  • It mentions ‘Unlock’ and you will just have to click it.

Try to verify your email address

Unlock Snapchat Account
Unlock Snapchat Account

When you log into your Snapchat you must verify your email address. It is a good idea to unlock the account. This also works well in preventing the account from getting locked forever.

Your account is probably locked as the Snapchat team has found some suspicious activity.

Sometimes spam messages are often sent by your account which is another reason why your account is not opening.

You don’t need to deactivate your account for long and try these steps:

  • Open the Snapchat account on your phone or tablet.
  • You will notice a yellow button at the end of the page.
  • Tap on it to unlock the account.
  • Enter your valid email address.
  • Check that the email is verified.
  • Complete this process by confirming your email.

Type a message to the customer support

  • If you see that the above ideas don’t work for your account you can write a message to the customer support team.
  • Let them know that you want your account unlocked.
  • If you have violated any rules make sure you don’t do this again.
  • You need to follow the terms and conditions carefully to continue using the account.


Many Snapchat users usually experience the issue of Snapchat being locked. If your Snapchat is locked you need to be sure and be careful next time.

There are a lot of reasons why your account is blocked. We hope that this guide will be helpful for the users!

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