15 Sites to Watch Chinese Drama Online with English subtitles

The Chinese drama, or “cdrama” as it is commonly called to as has become well-known. This is the greatest site for watching Chinese dramas having subtitles in English.

Chinese dramas are no longer limited to China, be it due to the historical scene of the play, the set layout, the period where it occurs, or the unique storyline. It is easily reachable to people around the globe.

15 Best Websites to Watch Chinese Drama with English Subtitles

Users may view Chinese dramas including English subtitles on a variety of websites and applications.


Sites to Watch Chinese Drama Online with English subtitles

The most famous Chinese plays are available on this website & app, not all of them available though. On this platform, there are VIP members and free members. The only gap between the two is that VIP members get faster access to episodes than free members.

This webpage is safe to use, & also the English subtitles here on this app are updated often. If you wish to watch Bai Yu’s mysterious new program “The Long Night,” for instance, worldwide subtitles will be available when new shows are published on the Internet.

Visit: Here


Sites to Watch Chinese Drama Online with English subtitles

This is another official webpage and application. One may view Chinese, Thailand, and Philippine dramas, animated films, and even more on this app. The application has both free & VIP users, although, most of the programs are free when they’re concluded, so users don’t have to pay for their memberships.

If you reside in China, though, you would only be able to watch select programs; elsewhere, you will only have access to specific programming. Among the most renowned dramas, together with the right English subtitles, are available on the internet.

Visit: Here

Viki Rakuten

Sites to Watch Chinese Drama Online with English subtitles

This is a webpage and app that allows users to view dramas featuring English subtitles. The nicest aspect is that this program is run by drama enthusiasts from all around the world, and the translations are incredibly accurate.

You may access the latest CDrama with this application, such as “The Lost Tomb Reboot” of Zhu Yi Long, having English subtitles. Certain dramas are limited to viewers because they need a Viki Pass to see. Nevertheless, the majority of famous Chinese dramas are reachable on the internet, and you may watch them whenever you like.

Visit: Here

Newasian TV

Newasian TV

The user may access classic and new Chinese episodes featuring English subtitles on this page. Extra ones, including Telugu, Bollywood, and Bangladeshi, are indeed available on the source.

If you enjoy Chinese drama, be it is set in the past or even in the present, here is the site for everyone. But, make sure you get an ad blocker installed on the browser because this webpage displays annoying advertisements.

Visit: Here


Kissasian Chinese drama site

Kissasian is a big hit among fans of animation, kdrama, and cdrama on Japanese television. It has the greatest Chinese plays and movies featuring English subtitles.

This webpage is reliable since it provides users with access to the most recent material, which they will find to be highly beneficial.

Visit: Here


Dramacool Chinese drama site

The most popular site among CDrama fans is Dramacool. If anyone prefers kdrama&cdrama, open our page and you’ll be able to gain a wealth of information. This site has so many past and present plays that users will never have to visit another webpage. If the latest episode of a CDrama is available, this page will update it along with the English subtitles in less than 24hrs. Not just for CDrama fans, but for Kdrama fans, this site is perhaps the most famous.

The video quality is high, and you may download these in a variety of resolutions. One can view the right subtitles and enjoy professional visual content in addition to getting instant access to TV episodes and videos.

Visit: Here

Asian Crush

AsianCrush Chinese drama site

For Chinese serial fans, Asian Crush is a dream come true since they can enjoy a big number of materials without having to deal with commercials. The most annoying part for a CD lover is to witness Wang Yibo’s rap on the display but then have a pop-up interrupt his amazing performance.

Visit: Here

Fall Drama

Another service that assists users to download episodes featuring English subtitles is this one. This site is free to use, and you may download or watch your favorite shows from anywhere.

This webpage has relevant classifications & genres that enable people to choose programs depending on their ratings. This site’s streaming quality is supreme, and it comes highly recommended by Chinese drama fans.


YouTube Chinese drama site

Although YouTube didn’t present several CDrama material at first, increasingly viewers are using it to watch their favorite Chinese episodes. The developers or producers of a show can legally post episodes to YouTube. If anyone wishes to watch the whole series of “The Guardian” or “The Untamed”, i.e, you may do it with ease on YouTube.

Winter Begonia, the most recent production from Beijing’s operas business, is also there on YouTube featuring English translations. The big flaw with YouTube, though, seems to be that the subtitles are not always present. Furthermore, whoever publishes the video may choose not to make it reachable in specific areas, which may be difficult for cdrama fans in that location. Although the Crossfire series has been published on YouTube, the program still lacks proper Subtitles.

Visit: Here

Youku – Youku.com

Youku Chinese drama site

Youku is the most popular platform for watching the recent Chinese dramas that have recently aired on Chinese television.

It produces short-form television shows, some of which are quite popular among Online consumers. Users who wish to view Chinese Youku dramas having English subtitles can do it by using a VPN. Users who have an iPhone or Android tablet, a Mac or Windows computer, may access Youku to watch their favorite Chinese shows.

Visit: Here

Baidu TV

Baidu TV

Baidu TV is another cool service for watching Chinese dramas featuring English subtitles. The site gives away a wide variety of today’s mainstream dramas & Chinese series.

The websites’ added feeds feature Chinese movies, TV series, plus cartoons. Baidu TV may be the best option if you enjoy Chinese entertainment and are seeking for top Chinese drama application having English subtitles.

Visit: Here


Sites to Watch Chinese Drama Online with English subtitles

QQ TV, on the other hand, has a variety of techniques to keep its Chinese viewers motivated and content. It is China’s largest instant messenger program and the finest platform for streaming Chinese dramas featuring English subtitles. It promotes the most recent and well-known series by allowing viewers to watch the streaming Chinese drama Untamed, one of the most recent and well-known Chinese shows.

Consumers of Android, iPad, and Microsoft may watch Chinese TV series with English subtitles on the platform. It’s also there in every device, including smartphones, Pc, Macbook, iPad, and television.

Visit: Here

360 TV

Sites to Watch Chinese Drama Online with English subtitles

Don’t despair if none of the top best places for streaming Chinese Drama having English Subtitles appeals to you; we still have more. 360 TV is another option on the menu, and it is China’s most popular OTT platform.

The service goes to great lengths to provide consumers with a Chinese multimedia package including English subtitles. Various sections on the website direct you to the most recent popular TV series for the finest visual experience.


letv china website

Letv is a must-have app for someone interested in viewing Chinese plays. It’s a famous Chinese streaming platform established in Beijing that transmits authorized TV episodes & films across China, which includes Taiwan, H.K., and S. Korea.

It gives away a variety of plays, including love, fashion, adventure, Wuxia, and so many more. Anyone outside mainland China can access it by using a Vpn connection.

Visit: Here


Sites to Watch Chinese Drama Online with English subtitles

PPTV is the destination to go to if you enjoy Chinese dramas. You must review how we could be so certain that we can name it the finest. Let us inform you that PPTV is the most popular Chinese drama application having English subtitles.

We like it because it has one of the best UI, the diversity of information, the fast pace, and the great resolution. It also works on a variety of platforms, namely Windows, Macintosh, Android smartphones, & iPhones. The free download option for Chinese shows is another high point of this platform.

Visit: Here


Just choose the finest source to view Chinese dramas available on the internet with English subtitles to lend your passion a recharge. Surely, this list has piqued your interest in Chinese entertainment. To enjoy the finest Chinese dramas, experts suggest using the iQIYI app or just by going to their webpage.

There are several Chinese dramas available, with English subtitles that are fairly authentic. The site gives viewers not just dramas but also a collection of programs and animated films, and the greatest thing is that it is free of ads. It’s an authentic service.

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