How to Send Someone’s Snapchat Story to Someone Else?

Are you getting stuck to send someone’s Snapchat store to someone else?

Print the story and click the blue arrow in the lower right corner. Then select the destination and send.

Just a note: set it so that the person who posted it puts it in a private story that their friends are not attending, they are not friends, and the person who posted it can only be seen by friends If they have been, their friends you may not be able to see.

How to Send Someone’s Snapchat Story to Someone Else?

Sometimes there are no blue arrows at all. This means that you don’t have to share a story, so you can’t share it until you get a notification just by taking a screenshot or screen log.

Snapchat doesn’t send screenshot notifications for stories, but it does send one-on-one conversations with other users. As shown here, you can always click on a story to see who saw it and who took a screenshot of the plugin.

The eyes represent the people who just saw it, and the two arrows were merged to represent the people who took the screenshot.

If you want to send a friend’s story to another friend, you must be a friend and another friend to see the instant story for the first time. (Except when the story setting is set to “Public / All”)

It sounds very confusing, so let’s create a scenario. Suppose you have Pedro, Pablo, and Maria. Peter is friends with Paul and Mary on Snapchat, but Paul and Mary aren’t.

Mary posted an instant story, and Peter liked it and decided to send it to Paul. But Paul can’t see Mary’s story because he’s not her friend on Snapchat.

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You need to add a story to see it. However, if Mary’s photo story is open to the public, Paul should be able to see her story. If you decide to take a screenshot, a screenshot icon will appear in the story status bar at the bottom of Mary. -snapshot.

Snapchat Story

If you receive the photo in an infinite amount of time, you can also leave the photo above. You can also use your phone or camera to take pictures of someone else’s phone or another device.

There is no way to know if anyone is doing these things.

  • All other individual posts are only 1-10 seconds long. The whole story lasts only 24 hours.
  • Simply press and save to chat, and your side will see that the photo has been saved and it will be saved to you and your chat. However, as you can see in the screenshot, push notifications are not sent.

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