Ondo City Polytechnic – List of Credited Courses/Admission Requirement for 2020/2021

Ondo City Polytechnic - List of Credited Courses/Admission Requirement for 2020/2021

Welcome to be here today. This article is for those who hoping to take admission into Ondo city polytechnic. This content contain some of the list of credited courses you can go for in Ondo city polytechnic and with their admission requirement.

Ondo City Polytechnic - List of Credited Courses/Admission Requirement for 2020/2021

About The Ondo City Polytechnic

Let me brief you a little about the Ondo city polytechnic. Ondo city polytechnic is know as a private owned institution with the aim of raising men and women vision. This school is open for everyone and their is no discrimination in religion, gender or state which you belong. Ondo city polytechnic reinforce teaching morality, creativity and respect for all. The institution had been incorporated with corporate affairs commission by directors who are protection in skills in various fields. In admission to this, in Ondo city polytechnic, there we have all the complete programmed and department. But before i go into that, let me deep down a little for better clarification.

If you chose Ondo city polytechnic and you desire to known the the type of courses offer in this polytechnic [odocitypoly], then you are just reading the right article. Here on this page, i have list out some courses you can study in this institution. But before choosing a courses, there are some thing you must do first. So let find out on the next paragraph bellow which you are about to read.

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What you Should know First Before Choosing a Course in Ondo city Polytechnic

Before going for a course, you should make sure you know what the courses you chose is all about. The most important of all, you must understand the career prospects in the course you are going for. Not just that, also the o level requirement and UTME project combination. Another thing to take note of, know the competitiveness of that course by checking on the total students who applied for the course at last year. What i am about to explain next, is the requirement needed each on the courses, and other info that have to do with the course.

Engineering Course Requirements in Ondocity Polytechnic

The course requires in the engineering section, include English language, mathematics, chemistry and physics. You can select any one of the subject that is listed bellow.

Auto Mechanics/ Basic Electricity,                  Biology/Agricultural Science,                            Economic/Commerce
Woodwork for Civil Engineering Tech,                 English Language,                                         Further Mathematics
Economics/ commerce,                                           Geography,                                                   Technical Drawing
Metal Work.

If you are going for Marin engineering and industrial safety & environmental engineering then a pass is needed in biology. While UTME subjects include Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics/ in Technical Drawing, and English Language is required.

Course Offer by Ondo City Polytechnic in Computer Science

There are courses offer by this institution in the department of computer science. This Courses required here are; Basic Science, Mathematics and any other three subject listed bellow.

Government/History,     Further mathematics,      Economics,     Geography,   Typewriting,   English language
Physics,                     Biology/Agriculture Science,       Chemistry.

Note; you must have credit passes in English language subject and also physics is very necessary. The post UTME subject in include Mathematics, English Language, and pick any two to subject among the listed subject state bellow.

Physics,              Economic or Chemistry subject,          Geography.

Course Requirement in Building Technology Education

The course require in this section are as follow. This include Physics, Mathematics and Chemistry, and taking any other two from this subject bellow.

English language,                                Geography,                           Woodwork [for civil Engineering Tech]
Basic electronic/ basic electricity,        Metal work,                           Biology/Agricultural Science
Technical Drawing,                            Unto Mechanics,                        Further Mathematics
Economics/ Commerce

Credit passes in English language is required in Marin and industrial safety & environmental engineering. The UTME subjects include Mathematics, Chemistry/Technical Drawing and English and Physics.

Course Required in Civil Engineering Technology

The course required in this part are Physics, Mathematics, Chemestry and any two subject given bellow.

Technical Drawing,                                                             Auto Mechanics
Biology/Agricultural Science,                                     Basic electronics/basic electricity
Further Mathematics,                                                            Geography
English Language,                                                                   Metal work
Economics/Commerce,                                            Woodwork[ civil engineering tech].

If you chose for Marin engineering and industrial safety & environmental engineering then you must have pass in biology and a credit pass in English language. Post UTME subject required are Physics/Technical Drawing or Chemistry,  English Language, and Mathematics.

Course Required in Business and Admin

The course needed in the region, is Mathematics and English language, not literature in English you should take note of that. And select any three subject that you can see at the bottom.

Business methods,                                 Economic/Commerce
Literature in English,                                   Office Practice
Principle of Accounts,                                  Geography
Physics,                                           Biology/ Agricultural Science

While the post UTME subjects required is just Mathematics and English language subject and make selection of two subject from the list below.

Commerce,     Principles of Account,     Geography,     Economics, and Government.

Course Requirement for Accountancy

Course require by Ondo city polytechnic on accountancy are English language but take note, not literature in English and mathematics only. Follow by any other three subjects from the following.

Principles of Accounts,         Economic/Commerce,                   Business Methods,                Typewriting
Shorthand,                   Physics, Government, Geography,         Literature in English,          Office Practice
Biology/Agricultural Science.

UTNE subjects required by the institution are Government, Economics, Geography, Principles of account and Commerce.

Where to Apply for Ondo City Polytechnic Post screening

I want to announce to you, that the post UTME screening form details for 2020/2021 is now available in case you chose to attend or a candidate of Ondo city polytechnic and you want to apply, here how to apply for the Odcitypoly. To apply, visit https://odcitypoly.com.ng/form­­_request.php. When you are on the page fill in boxes with the right info requested and also make sure you review the form before submitting it. But before you apply, is very necessary that you know this.

First you have to pay the amount of 2,500 naira for jam-bites while no jam-bite have to pay 7,000 naira to [odcitypoly account. After the payment forward your teller number to them, as soon as you receive scratch card pin, before proceeding with the application form. if their is any requires or issue, contact support @odcitypoly.com.ng.





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