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If you are an android user then you should be familiar with this app called master antivirus applock & cleaner. if you have not heard or made use of the master antivirus & cleaner, then you are putting your phone at risk. To avoid damage that may come to your phone, then you should start using this application. Is only then your phone will be free from viruses. The master antivirus applock & cleaner is one of the best optimization tools use for all android devices. The work of this app is to free up your android device’s ram space to make your phone perform well. This app is equipped with space cleaner and antivirus to always keep your device clean, safe from threats that would cost your phone from slowing down.

Master antivirus applock & cleaner feature

For you to keep your devices safe and secure always, then you must start making use of this application. This app does not only keep your phone safe from viruses, the master antivirus applock & cleaner also has a battery saver and game master. The work this game master does helps you to manage your games, by accelerating the loading speed of your games. To find more games, you have to go to the game master feature. Do your know that the clean master antivirus applock & cleaner also has other amazing feature apart from the ones that I have already explained? well, you will only come to find out as you continue reading.

  •  One of the features of the app is that it has a game master to manage all games.
  •  Another good feature it has one tap boost to speed up your device by freeing up your phone ram.
  •  It also has a battery saver. The battery saver feature is to give your device battery long-lasting hours.
  •  Another mind-blowing feature of this app is this. It has a WIFI security key for detecting fake WIFI and then keeps your device safe and secure from insecure public WIFI.

How to Download Clean Master for Android?

It is very important, you know how to download the master antivirus on your android. To download this application tool is free and easy to use. Follow the step below to get it to download.

  •  Go to your app store and search for clean master using the search bar at the top of the page.
  •  Now click on the clean master on your search results.
  •  After that, click on the download or install bottom to start downloading.

When the downloading process is completed, the app will be installed immediately on your android.

For iPhone Download

  •  To download the clean master app, the same process should be applied.
  •  Tap on your iPhone app store to open.
  •  Click on the search bar that is at the bottom of the page. Then search for a clean master.
  •  When you see it among the list of your result, Tap on it to take you to the download page.
  •  Hit on the install button to start downloading.

The app will be installed on your iPhone app drawer as soon as the downloading process is completed.

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