How to know if someone seleted messages on messenger (Updated Feb 2022)

Facebook is a popular medium for people all over the world here will learn how to know if someone deleted messages on messenger. It helps them stay connected with their friends, family, and loved ones. You can easily send a message on Facebook as it has a messenger linked to it.

The messenger app is easy to use and you can send as many messages as you want. However, sometimes you send a message and you regret sending it.

How to know if someone seleted messages on messenger (Updated Feb 2022)

If you are wondering there is a way to delete the message that the recipient cannot see. The bad thing is that you can only delete the message from your side and it may be visible to them.

Facebook is planning to add an unsend feature so you can delete a message the way you want to. Currently, you don’t have any way to delete the sent messages to another person.

You can only delete the copy of your messages in the messengers.

How to Delete Facebook Messages?

You can delete Facebook messages from your conversation window using the website. Whether you are using Facebook on mobile or your messenger it will be easy to do so.

All you need is to open your messages by clicking on the message button. Clicking on the conversation tab will open the messages for you. The user can easily select ‘see all in messenger’ that features at the bottom. Now let’s start locating those messages that you will like to delete.

You will see a ‘delete’ button and you will get a message if you want to delete your messages or not. When you click to delete the copy of your messages will be deleted permanently.

However, keep in mind that the copy of the recipient is still not deleted. It may feel confusing for you as the other person may still refer to those messages.

Delete an entire conversation on Facebook Messenger

If you want to delete the entire conversation on your Facebook messenger you can easily do so. However once again you can delete the messages from your side and not from the other person’s window.

There is no way he/she can find if you have deleted your messages or not. According to the new Facebook feature, things have become different.

Suppose you have sent a message and the other person has not yet seen them. If you try and delete the conversation before the other person has seen them they will not be able to read the messages.

They will probably get a notification that the messages have been deleted. At the same time if someone sends you a spam message on Facebook you can report it to the Facebook Community.

Can someone read an unsent message on Facebook?

As the unsent message is removed from the entire conversation you may not be able to see it again.

If the other person has seen the message before you deleted it, they will have it on their messenger. The message will be deleted for you only.

In case they have not seen the message and you deleted the message there is no way to look at it.

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