How to install 3rd party apps on Samsung Smart TV

Your Samsung Smart TV comes with a number of entertaining applications pre-installed. Let’s install 3rd party apps on Samsung Smart TV.

You may, somehow, download third-party programs on your Samsung Smart TV when you can find them.

Third-party apps are those developed by companies apart from Samsung. Smart TVs from Samsung feature their own operating systems and apps platforms. It combines pleasure, audiovisual, informational, and other useful features to fulfill the demands of a wide variety of users.

This allows you to add apps to your Samsung Smart TV. You may watch online TV, movies, music streaming, news, and video games, and other things, by accessing the internet. But, to access other app services, you may have to get third-party applications such as, Netflix, & YouTube. Third-party applications may not be compliant with your OS or device vendor when it pertains to installation.

Because the Samsung Smart TV runs on the Tizen OS, it has the obvious matter of being unable to freely load third-party programs.

Even so, there are a few options for installing them on the Smart TV.

Prior Setting up on Samsung Smart TV for installing 3rd Party Apps

Allowing the Unknown Sources Installation

You first have to authorize third-party programs to be saved on your modern Samsung Smart TV until you can begin uploading them.

  1. On the Samsung Smart TV, go over to Settings.
  2. Go over to the “Personal” section of the menu.
  3. Select Security.
  4. Investigate unidentified source(s). It should be worn.
  5. Developer mode should be enabled.
  6. After that, you need to activate developer mode.
  7. Go to the settings menu and choose Smart Hub.
  8. Go to the Applications tab.
  9. Set the default pin to 12345.
  10. Then head over to Developer Mode and toggle it on.
  11. Click OK after entering the computer’s IP address.
  12. Reboot the Samsung Smart TV if it hasn’t done so already.

How to Install 3rd Party Apps on Samsung Smart TV

Here are a few options for effectively installing and using a third-party app on your Samsung TV.

Method #1 – Using an APK File

  1. On the Samsung Smart TV, open the browser.
  2. The apksure webpage may be found here.
  3. Locate the third-party program you’d like to install.
  4. Select the APK file to be downloaded.
  5. Install should be selected.
  6. To agree, click Install one more.
  7. To install the APK file on the Samsung Tv, obey the on-screen guidance.

Method #2 – Using the Command Prompt on a computer

  1. Navigate to the Samsung Smart TV Settings page.
  2. Select Network from the menu.
  3. Select information.
  4. Copy the IP address of the Smart TV into the IP Address area.
  5. To begin, turn on any Windows10 desktop.
  6. Open the cmd prompt.
  7. Type adb connect into the cmd prompt (the IP address of the TV)
  8. Write D install.apk is the file to use.
  9. Enter adb Disconnect (the TV’s IP address) to remove your Smart TV from the computer after the operation is complete.

Method #3 – Using a USB Flash Drive or a Thumb Drive

  1. Should save APK file to your USB storage first.
  2. The USB disc should be inserted into the Smart TV.
  3. Go to the Files & Folder section.
  4. Select the APK file.
  5. To install the program, simply select it.
  6. To verify, click Yes.
  7. Then, follow the on-the-screen directions.

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