How to reset your AirPods and AirPods Pro

You may need to reset your Apple AirPods if they won’t charge or to fix a different issue. While AirPods are the most sought-after audio devices today, owning 29% of the true wireless earbuds market in the third quarter of 2020, they’re far from perfect. Some issues with connectivity, sound, and overall functionality may still occur. Fortunately, there is a universal solution to these problems – resetting your AirPods.

However, new AirPods users can easily get lost on how to properly reset AirPods, especially due to their minimalist design with a lack of a noticeable reset button.

Don’t worry, we got you! Here’s the complete guide on how to properly reset your AirPods, AirPods 2, AirPods 3, and AirPods Pro, no matter the situation.

Apple has designed them to be intuitive and easy to use. That’s why resetting your Apple AirPods 1, AirPods 2, AirPods 3, and AirPods Pro shouldn’t difficult. Just follow these steps for a hassle-free reset.

AirPods and AirPods Pro

  1. Place your Apple AirPods in their charging case, and close the lid.
  2. Wait 30 seconds.
  3. Open the lid of your charging case.
  4. On your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, go to Settings> Bluetooth and tap the More info button next to your Apple AirPods. If you don’t see your Apple AirPods in Settings> Bluetooth, just skip to the next step.
  5. Tap Forget this device and tap again to confirm the device.
  6. With the lid open, press and hold the setup button on the back of the case for about 15 seconds, until the status light turns amber, then white.
  7. Reconnect your AirPods With your AirPods in the charging case and the lid open, place your AirPods near your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

AirPods can be linked to an Apple ID. If you want to use AirPods 3rd generation or AirPods Pro that someone else has used, they must first remove the AirPods from their Apple ID.

And that’s all. Note that now that AirPods have been reset they won’t automatically recognize any devices connected to your iCloud account. Opening the AirPods case near the iOS device will start the setup process, just like the first time you used them.

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