How to Open APK Files on Windows 10 / Mac?

Sometimes you need to use applications in a specific APK file format for your computer. For this, you have to overcome some hurdles. In this article, you can learn all about how to open APK files on a PC or Mac computer or specifically, how to open APK files on Windows 10.

Some Android apps don’t have a web-based equivalent for a browser. Also, gamers prefer to play on big screens rather than on smartphones, or the games may be out of date. In all these cases, the games must be downloaded from somewhere other than the Google Play Store and will most likely be in APK format. Downloading APK files is only half the job. You need to know How to open APK files on a PC Windows 10 / Mac and with which tools to run them.

Why would anyone want to download potentially harmful apps and potentially expose devices to malicious code? As we said, there are many examples of perfectly good Apps that can be installed just like that is. There are many reputable websites from where you can download APK files. It’s very important to stick to only those that are verified and read customer reviews to make sure everything is safe.

How to open APK files on Windows 10?

Since Windows 10 does not automatically recognize APK files, many users are wondering how to open APK files on Windows 10. Here, you can run the APK file using Android Studio. If you don’t have it, install it on your computer first. Now you can.

Android Studio

  1. Open up Android Studio and select the Profile or Debug APK Files option.

  2. Select the APK file that you want to run from your computer and press OK.

  3. Preview through the APK on the emulated device.

  4. Launch Google Chrome and search for ARC Welder in the Google Chrome Web Store.

How do APK files work on a PC?

The operating system of the PC is not properly equipped to run APK files. Some software, such as emulators and browser extensions, can help you bypass this problem.

Is it possible to run APK Files on a PC?

The answer to this question is yes, But not too directly. After setting up the PC to allow access to unknown apps and downloading them, you need to open the APK file. First, decompress the file and view all the components. Scan the APK file to avoid potentially dangerous malware. Android emulators will guide you through the process of opening and running the specified file.

Windows 10

How to Open APK Files on Mac

The best way to run APK files on a PC is with a Chrome extension called ARC Welder. Google Chrome has a tool that allows testing Android apps but doesn’t allow running APK files. Because of this, you need to install ARC Welder to be able to run the APK file. This Google Chrome extension can work on Windows 10 or other operating systems like Mac and Linux.


  1. Launch Google Chrome and search for ARC Welder in the Google Chrome Web Store.

  2. Click Add to Chrome in the upper-right corner of the screen.

  3. Make sure we have downloaded the APK files online. There are many Channels and APK Files Databases for users to downloaded online.

  4. Open ARC Welder, click Add your APK files select it, then Open, and press Launch App.

The internet has incredible applications and popular games that are often compressed into APK file formats. Many users want to enjoy such apps on their computers, but they don’t know how to manage the technical side. You don’t need to be a programmer to learn How to open APK files on a PC or Mac. By using any of the offered solutions “Android Emulators, APK Welder, SDK, or AppTrans” and following all the steps you will easily open and run APK files whenever you want this.

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