How to find Your Stolen or Lost iPhone – Use Find my App to Locate a Lost Device

Do you have any idea how to find your stolen or lost iPhone? If your answer is no, then you are very lucky to read this article today. Here I will be guiding you through the process of how you can find your stolen iPhone. If you want to find your iPhone that you mistakenly misplace or stolen by someone, then you must read this page to the bottom.

Only then you will come to find out. Some people lost their phone and forget about it thinking they will never find it. But I am here to tell you that there is still a way out to locate or track your lost or stolen iPhone where ever it may be. But before you can be able to track your IPhone, you must pass through some steps. Don’t worry about it, because I will put you through the steps.

Track my iPhone – How to Find Your Stolen or Lost iPhone

Track my iPhone that is to say, find my iPhone. Find my iPhone is an app that can be download on the device. This app can also be download on android phones. The name is applied as my phone on an android. To track your iPhone or iPad, you have to switch to find your iPhone on your iPhone or iPad.

How to Switch to Find my iPhone on iPhone or iPad

To track or find your iPhone or iPad, there are some steps to take that will land you there. And what is this step? that is what you are about to find out. Before taken the steps below, you should know that find my iPhone, is located on the iPhone setting. Let first get started on how to switch to my iPhone. Then I will show you how to find your stolen or lost iPhone.

  •   Go to your app icon on the iPhone or iPad.
  •  Now you need to click on the apple id that is on top of the page.
  •  On your loaded page, tap on the iCloud.
  •  Then scroll to the bottom and tap on finding my iPhone
  •  When you have done, hit on the ”switch on” the turn it on.
    Those are the steps you have to take, to switch or turn on the ”find my iPhone” on your iPhone.

Ways to Find my iPhone

How to find your stolen or lost iPhone. To find your iPhone is quite easy. The step below will guide you through locating your iPhone where ever it is.

  •   Go to your mobile web browser or chrome.
  •  Type in iCloud on the search bar.
  •  On the page, you will be told to enter your iCloud account or the Apple ID.
  •  Fill in your password and click on the arrow button to log in.
  •  When you are fully logged in, tap on the main menu icon.
  •  Then click on Find iPhone.
  •  Now type in your iPhone ID and password.
  •  When you are through, click on all devices at the top of the screen.

Taking this step, you will be able to track or locate your iPhone where ever it is. You can also make use of the zoom, in other to zoom out and in on the map to locate where your iPhone is. You can also add some features such as lost mode, play sound and erase

  •  Play sound: This enables your iPhone to ring or vibrate even when your iPhone is set on silent.
  •  Lost mode: While lost mode feature, enables you to enter a phone number.
  •  Erase: What the erase feature does, it enables you to use the option to delete all your personal information on your lost phone.

These are the things you need to do, to find your stolen iPhone. If you think you lost your iPhone. Then you should apply this tip to track your stolen or lost iPhone.

How to Use Find my App to Locate a Lost Device

There are different ways you can use the find my app to locate your missing device, even if it is offline. Here are some of the things you should do. To use find my app on another iPad, iPhone or mac signed in with the same Apple ID.

You can also make use of finding my app on a device that is owned by someone in your family sharing group. Follow the instructions below to learn how to use the find my app to locate your stolen device.

Another thing you should know, make sure that the recovery feature you are trying to use is available for your missing or stolen device. These are the features that should be available on the following devices.

Features for iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, and iPod

  •  View Location.
  •  Play a Sound.
  •  Lost Mode.
  •  Remote Erase.

For Airpods

  •  View location.
  •  Play a sound.

Mac Device

  •  View location.
  •  Play s sound.
  •  Lock your mac.
  •  remote erase.

Steps to Locate your Lost Device

  •  Go to the find my app on your device and click on it to open.
  •  Now select the devices tab.
  •  Then enter the device to see its location on the map.
  •  If you are in a family sharing group, then you will see the devices in your group.
  •  Click on the direction to open its location in maps.
  •  If you turn your device on offline finding, then you will see your device’s location even if it’s not connected to a Wi-Fi network.

How to Play a Sound when your Stolen Device is Offline

  •  Go to the find my app and open it
  •  Then you need to choose the devices tab
  •  Now make a selection on the missing or stolen device.
  •  After that, choose play sound.

Take note: If your phone is offline, it won’t play a sound until it connects to a network

How to Mark your device as lost

  • Open the find my app ass usual
  •  Then you are there, then choose the devices tab
  •  Now you need to select your lost or missing device
  •  After that, go down a little beat to make as lost and select activate.
  •  From there follow the onscreen steps if you want your mobile phone number to display on your lost or stolen device, or better still, you will like to enter a custom message asking the finder of your lost device to contact you.
  •  When you are through, click on active.

How to Erase your Stolen Device

If you don’t want anyone to access the data on your stolen device, then you can erase it remotely. Erasing your device will take you to lose all your information including debit, credit, or prepaid cards for apple pay. Because of that, you will be able to track it using the find my app.

  •   On the find my app, choose the devices tab.
  •  Take note: Before taking these steps make sure you try the steps above to recover your lost or stolen device because this can’t be undone.
  •  To proceed, select the device you want to make the erase on.
  •  Now go down and select erase this device.
  •  Then select erase this device.

In addition, if your lost device is covered by AppleCare plus with theft and loss, please don’t erase that device. What you need to do instead, file a claim for your missing or stolen device.

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