How to fix firestick won’t load apps

Switch on the television. Some TV models turn on when the device is connected to HDMI. However, many models still need to be opened manually with the remote.

Fix Firestick won’t load apps Step by step

  • Check the HDMI input on your TV. If there is no power output from the TV screen after the power switch, this is only the result of incorrect HDMI input options. It doesn’t look like you need to change your TV.
  • Use direct energy.
  • If possible, plug the power cord directly into a wall outlet and do not plug it into a TV or other device, or use power from an adapter or fire extinguisher.
  • Check the battery of the Fire Stick remote. Replace it with a new battery and see if that fixes the problem. Check your internet connection.
  • The Fire Stick won’t connect to Wi-Fi, so apps and content won’t load properly.
  • Check if it works by connecting to the same Wi-Fi connection as your smartphone or another smart device.
  • Open another app. Multimedia services are temporarily unavailable due to server or maintenance issues.
  • If your Fire Stick isn’t connected to the internet while using the app, try switching to a different app to see if the issue is just with the app.
  • Restart your Fire Stick.
  • To restart the Fire Stick quickly, press Select and Play on the remote for 10 seconds. It can fix lots of black lines and loading issues.
  • Update your Fire Stick and its apps. Make sure you have the latest version of the operating system and the Fire Stick app installed by selecting Settings> My Power TV> About> Check for updates.
  • Delete the Fire Stick cache. If your Fire Stick isn’t loading content or apps normally, immediately clear the streaming stick’s cache. This information can also help you eat faster if you eat slowly.
  • Uninstall the Fire Stick app and reinstall it. If some apps are having trouble connecting to the internet or loading content, remove them, restart your Fire Stick, and reinstall them. Check your Fire Stick streaming settings.
  • Transferring content from your smart device or computer to a Fire Stick may require additional functionality.
  • If your content isn’t loading properly while streaming, make sure you’re using the correct settings and apps.
  • Restore Fire Stick to factory settings.
  • As a last resort, you can perform a factory reset by going to Settings> My Power TV> Factory Reset.
  • This process essentially repeats the key declaration state it was in when it entered the box.

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