How to fix firestick remote not working with new batteries

Wireless TVs and smart TVs use Bluetooth to switch infrared, so there is no need for a direct line of sight between the remote and the device So, on this page, we will fix the firestick remote not working with new batteries

You do not need to point the remote control at the device, as the remote point has nothing to do with the strength of the Bluetooth signal.

How to fix firestick remote not working with new batteries

The theoretical range of a Bluetooth device like the Fire Stick remote is around 30 feet, but many can reduce that range. Problems with the remote control and the power supply or electric television can greatly reduce the remote control.

Here’s how to determine if distances or obstacles are a problem:

  • Move the body remote control near the Fire Stick. Eliminate all remote control and power problems.
  • If the remote only works when it’s behind or near the TV, use a Fire Stick extension dongle to replace the device.
  • If the power unit is in an entertainment cabinet or similar enclosure, remove it from the door and check if the remote control function is working.
  • Fire Stick Remotes and Interference

Bluetooth has many advantages over infrared, such as reduced range instead of completely disabling the remote if there is no visible line between the remote and the power supply.

However, Bluetooth remotes have an impact on non-infrared interfaces.

Make sure you have the following devices around your diet.

  • Microwave
  • wireless speaker
  • unshielded coaxial cable
  • cordless phone
  • wireless speaker
  • other wireless devices

If you have wireless devices or other devices that may be causing Bluetooth interference, try moving them closer to the Fire Stick.

If that’s not an option, check if the Fire Stick remote works by turning it off and unplugging it once. This allows you to identify the source of interference and to interact with it.

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