How to Find Routing Number On Wells Fargo App

If you are finding it difficult to look for your routing number on the Wells Fargo app there are a lot of ways to find it. The routing number is useful when you are setting up a direct deposit.

Find routing number on wells Fargo app

You can also submit the payments for electronics while it is also easy to wire domestic transfer of money. Wells Fargo offers the user a lot of ways to find the accounts and the routing number itself. Here are some good ways of finding the routing number:

Personal and Business Checks

If the users have a checkbook they can easily find the routing number of Wells Fargo on it. You just need to look at the bottom of the check. While the personal check will feature three sets of numbers.

The first set will feature the routing number but the second one will reflect the Wells Fargo routing number. If you are using a business check account, it features around four sets of numbers.

Online Account Services

If you want to get to know about your Wells Fargo routing numbers online it is important to sign up with it online. The user has to pick an account of their choice. However, you have to understand that both the account and routing number are in different locations.

Users can get their account number by clicking on these four digits. If we talk about the routing number it is located at the activity summary table. Make sure you know that the routing numbers will be different in both electronic and domestic payments. The international transfers are also quite different as you require a SWIFT code for them.

Wells Fargo App

If you are looking for convenient ways to find your routing number using Wells Fargo App will be useful.

It will help you keep a track of your account information too. You can start by installing the app on your phone. By using the same username and password to open your account, you can see all the listings.

If you want to check out the information for an account tap on the account. Wells Fargo’s routing number will appear under the title of the account. For example, the routing number will feature below the title ‘Everyday checking’. You just need to click on the ‘pop up’ button and get full information

Online and Paper Statements

You can look for the routing number with the help of online and paper statements. The location of it will be similar on both these sheets. For getting the online statement you need to sign in to your account online. Next is to click on the view statements and select one of them.

On the very first page, you can find ‘statement period activity summary’. You will find the account information along with the routing number. The routing number is suitable for both direct deposits and even for making electronic payments.

Customer Support

If you are still not able to find your routing number getting in touch with customer support is the best option. They will guide you about finding your routing number with the best assistance.

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