How to download Filmora 9 and How to remove its watermark

Let me tell you that Filmora 9 is an excellent video editor Tool I wouldn’t rate it as a pro level, but yes, it can do a lot of work. I have done a lot of video Using and in that, I have used green screen a lot and the best green screen can be shot on it. I think it’s a pretty good Editor Tool. Anyway, today I will show you the Filmora 9 by downloading and also removing its watermark. Don’t panic, just do as I tell you.

Fimora 9

Is FilmoraGo and 9 free?

You can install FilmoraGo video editing software on your smartphone and use all the features of Filmora 9 for free and legally. And a new thing you can download it on your Android smartphone and soon it is being developed for iOS as well.

Is Filmora9 a good editor?

As I told you earlier the Wondershare Filmora 9 Tool is powerful and easy to use If you have a 4GB RAM laptop, or PC like that, you can easily Run it on that too And what should I do for free yaar quickly click on the link below me and download Filmora 9.

Wondershare Filmora 9 Free Download

How to remove Filmora 9 Watermark

Filmora 9 Remove Watermark

You get the free version for a few days. Whenever you export a video to Filmora 9, your watermark doesn’t appear when you export the video. But for example, if you get a 10-day trial version and it expires, what do you do now? Don’t worry, you will do what I tell you. Ok, let’s start now let’s see and hear everything from them I am showing you everything with pictures. (You downloaded Filmora 9 from the link I gave you above?) Listen carefully friends I have given you the link above and download the Filmora 9 only from that link Also if you have downloaded Filmora 9 from somewhere else, this method will not apply to your Filmora 9 In. And your watermark will not be removed.

  • First of all, you have to download Filmora 9 In, install it, And then open it

Filmora 9

  • Now you have to click on the Help button at the top and after that, you will see the option of Activate Filmora 9 click on it as I have shown in this image.


  • An interface like this will come up, Click on (If You have a license code, please…..) written below

Filmora Go

  • After that here you will see two bars. (One is the license email and the other is the activation code) One thing you have to do is turn off Wi-Fi as well


  • You have also turned off Wi-Fi. Now I am giving you the license email and activation code below. Now you have to put it in the inbox something like this.

Download Filmora

Here is the license email and activation code

Licensed e-mail: [email protected]

Registration code: 510B3C20A9E54E0FF1D2FC28BAD1220E

  • Finally just click on the activate button and congratulations your Filmora 9 is now fully activated.

Download Filmora 9

Remember that your Filmora 9 won’t be activated unless you turn off your internet or Wi-Fi

I have completely explained to you how to download Filmora 9 and also how to activate it Now you can enjoy sitting back and do your video editing in the best way. Let me tell you once that the method I have told you is completely free, you can try it anytime you want. Hope you have benefited a lot from this then share it further so that some poor person can benefit too. if you want to read the amazing article then you can click here

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