How to Earn PokeCoins in Pokémon Go

It is possible to earn PokeCoins in Pokémon Go by following the mentioned rules. You can make your life easier by gaining access to additional items and more opportunities per day, but players of this mobile game will have to pay to experience and participate in 95% of the game. is not.

It is also possible to earn currency in the game without purchasing directly. This guide is here to guide you through the process.

By Putting Pokémon In Gyms

  • At the time of writing this article, the only way to earn free coins is to leave Pokémon to protect the team’s gym.
  • Start by typing in the gym in the same color as your device.
  • At the bottom right of the screen is a button that looks like a pocket ball with a plus sign.
  • Clicking on it will take you to Pokémon Storage where you can select the Pokémon you want to download at this gym.

Remember you can’t put two of the same Pokémon in the gym (that is, if you already have milocaros in the gym, you can’t put milocaros). Only healthy Pokémon can enter the gymnasium.

There are up to 6 Pokémon in the gym.

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Which Pokémon Do You Leave?

There are two factors to consider when deciding which Pokémon to put in the gym.

  • What are your defense statistics?
    • It will last longer against the attacks of other teams, so it is recommended to choose a Pokémon with high defense.
  • What kind of gym do you already have?
    • If the Pokémon already in the gym is mainly fire and water types, add grass types!

Would you like to take over the gym soon?

Yes (for example, if you’re in a central, busy area), you don’t have to bother with powerful Pokémon, as turning it off will require more revival.

How Many Coins Will You Earn?

The amount of coins you can earn depends on how long your Pokémon is in the gym.

  • You can earn 1 coin every 10 minutes that Pokémon is in the gym.
  • You can earn coins when Pokémon are kicked out of the gym and returned to storage.
  • This happens every time another player on another team fights and defeats your Pokémon. However, there is one limitation. Only 50 coins can be earned per day.
  • To earn the maximum every day, Pokémon need to be in the gym for 8 hours and 20 minutes.
  • With that in mind, you can develop a strategy for when, where, and which Pokémon to place.
  • If you place Pokémon in 3 different gyms and they are all kicked out the next day, you will only get 50 coins.
  • If they had been kicked out for three days, he would have earned 150 coins.
  • You can give berries to Pokémon in the team’s gym and cure them.
  • Normally you need to be near the gym, but you can do that whenever one of the Pokémon is in the gym.
  • One way to earn more coins is to strategically heal your Pokémon so that it survives the next day.

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