How to Download Purchased movies from Amazon to PC

Let’s download purchased movies from Amazon to pc. The popularity of watching TV series and films on the internet is skyrocketing.

Whereas, 8/10 consumers have Amazon Prime and then use it to watch movies online. But, without internet access, this could be problematic at times. You’re basically asking if I could just download Amazon Prime films to your computer & watch them whenever I want. Don’t despair, we’ve got you covered. Here’s what you need to understand about Amazon Prime video downloads.

Let’s have a peek over what Amazon Prime Video is before you get to know how to download movies bought through Amazon on a computer. Amazon Prime Video, commonly Prime Video, is a subscription video rental & streaming platform operated by, Inc. as a self-contained service or as the add-on of Amazon’s Prime membership.

The service basically distributes Amazon Studios’ or Amazon’s licensed movies and television programs, including Amazon Originals, and 3rd-party media, media content updates, live sports competitions, and video rent and purchasing options. Apart from Iran, mainland China, Syria, & North Korea, Amazon Prime Video can be found globally.

Can You Download Amazon Prime Movies?

You’ll use a Fire tablet or even the Prime Video application for iPhones, Android, Macintosh, or Windows 10 to get Prime Video movies for later review.

  • To download Prime Video movies, go to the product’s Prime Video app & look for the movie you wish to download.
  • Films on Amazon Prime Video can all be downloaded to one’s computer or phone, but they would not be stored on the hard disk.
  • The Prime Video application is the only way to view Amazon Prime films offline.

How to Download Purchased Movies from Amazon to a computer?

How would anyone download Amazon films to the computer? Can we save Amazon Prime films to the hard disk? You may store movies bought through Amazon Prime using the Prime Video app.

Let’s look at how to use the Prime Video app for downloading Amazon Video movies on your Computer.

  1. Go to Microsoft Store & download the Prime Video app.

Amazon Prime Video is just a video-on-demand service. An Amazon Prime subscription includes access to Prime Video. You may watch Prime Video if Amazon Prime is still not reachable these days in your locality. You can view countless Movies and TV shows on your devices thanks to your subscription.

  1. Go over to to get going.
  2. Find the movies you wish to download in the Prime Video app. To access the details page, press the title.
  3. To download Prime Video movies to the computer, select the Download option.

How to Find and Delete Downloaded Amazon Prime Movies?

Where can One look for Amazon Prime movies that I’ve downloaded on the computer?

If you have the Amazon Prime Video application added on your C: drive, the downloaded files will be in the following folder:

  • “C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Local\Packages\AmazonVideo.PrimeVideo_pwbj9vvecjh7j\ LocalState\Downloads”

How can I remove Amazon Prime movies that I’ve downloaded on the computer?

  1. Launch the Prime Video app on your device.
  2. To see all of the films that have been downloaded, go over to Downloads.
  3. Locate the movies you wish to remove, then choose Delete Download from the 3-dot menu.

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