College of William & Mary – Applying to the College of William and Mary

College of William & Mary - Applying to the College of William and Mary
College of William & Mary - Applying to the College of William and Mary

I know you will be thinking why this school is called college of William & mary. Well, there is no reason why you should get worry. This article will point out what you need to know about the college of William & Mary. All you need to do, is to read the page to the end. William & Mary is unlike other college in American. The university of William & Mary is founded in the year 1693 know as the second oldest university located in Williamsburg, which is a city setting in Virginia, the campus itself is suburban, in American with the granting of royal charter by king William III and Queen marry II.

College of William & Mary - Applying to the College of William and Mary
College of William & Mary – Applying to the College of William and Mary

William & Mary is best know for its rigorous liberal arts curriculum and historic campus. Their aim is to offer superior education that is accessible to everyone. Williams & Mary offer three semester know as spring, summer and fall that will provide maximum flexibility for student. you need to self quarantine before you will be permitted to come to Williamsburg. Since is founding in 1693, William & Mary has established a legacy of distinction and excellence.


William and Mary SAT Scores and GPA

Some people do ask what is the average SAT scores and GPA needed to get in to William & Mary university? well, you should keep on reading because in this guide, we’ll tell you what SAT scores are needed for you to get admitted into William & marry college. There are three critical numbers when considering your admissions chance. The first one is the SAT score, while the second one is the GPA and thirdly is the acceptance rate.

All this is consider to tell you what you scores are required to get in to the university. 1415 is the average SAT score composite at William & Mary university. While with a GPA of 4.27, William & marry requires you to be at the top of your class. If your GPA is below the school average of 4.27, then you we need a higher SAT score to compensate and show that you are prepared to take on college academics. The acceptance rate to look out here at William and Mary is 37.7%.

Level of Courses Offer at William & Mary University

There are two level of courses offer at William and Mary university. This are, upper level [300-499] and the lower level [100-299]. The upper level courses assume prior coursework in the subject. While the lower level courses assume little or no previous coursework in the subject. I want you to know that there are also two types of classes they are seminars classes and the lecture classes, both classes can be found at the upper level and the lower level.

The seminars classes are designed to elicit discussion among students and their instructor, and hence their enrollments generally are restricted to fifteen students. While the one of the lecture classes generally enroll no more than thirty-five students. Introductory surveys are included in this category.

William and Mary Joint Degree and partner with St Andrews

William & Mary has partnered with St Andrews university in Virginia, USA, to offer a global undergraduate degree. The Bachelor of Arts degree combines the best of both historic high college to create this exciting international programmed. This combines degree allow student to spend two year at each university for number of four years, after this the student will be awarded the BA international honors degree by both school.

Subjects Offer at Both William & Mary and St Andrews

  • Art history.
  •  Chemistry.
  •  Ancient history.
  •  Chinese studies.
  •  Biology.
  •  Creative writing.
  •  English.
  •  Film studies.
  •  French.
  •  Interdisciplinary studies.
  •  German.
  •  International relations.
  •  Management.
  •  Mathematics.
  •  Medicine.
  •  Spanish.
  •  Arabic.
  •  Archaeology.
  •  Earth and environmental sciences.
  •  Economics and finance .
  •  Neuroscience.
  •  Music.
  •  Statistics.
  •  Physics and astronomy.
  •  Philosophy.
  •  Middle East studies.
  •  Geography.
  •  Comparative literature.
  •  Classics, Greek and Latin.
  •  Ancient history and so on.

Applying to the College of William and Mary

You can apply through the common application  and the Coalition application. William & marry accepts both methods of application. But is good that you use the common app. In addition to the common application or coalition application, the university require you to submit the following.

  • You need to submit your secondary school report form complete with a high school transcript and counselor letter of recommendation.
  •  Applicant should also submit standardized test score from either the SAT or ACT.
  •  $75 application fee payment, or a fee waiver request.

Way to Make Your Application Stand Out

One of the way to make your application stand out for you, is to apply early. The William and Marry university consider student interest in attending as as a factor in admissions, that is to say it reflect by its acceptance rate in early decision program. while in the other hand, the regular rate of overall acceptance is just 37 percent, acceptance rate in the early decision program is much higher 58 percent. in addition to all this, I want you to take note that William and Mary does not accept transfer students.


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