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How to Unhide Someone’s Instagram Story

In this blog post, we will discuss how to unhide someone’s Instagram story. Sometimes, you may want to view a friend’s story but they have it set to private. In this case, you can follow these simple steps to unhide their story. Keep in mind that if the person has set their account to “private,”… Read More »

How to Turn Off Kid Mode Netflix: A Quick Guide

Netflix offers a Kid Mode that is designed to protect your children’s eyes by limiting the type of content they can watch. While this feature is great for families, sometimes you might want to turn it off. Maybe you’re watching a movie late at night and don’t want your child stumbling upon it while flipping… Read More »

How to fix Firestick volume not working on remote

On this page, you will learn a quick guideline and easily fix Firestick volume not working on remote So, let’s fix it Fix Firestick volume not working on remote Press the volume key. You or someone else may have accidentally pressed a Fire Stick remote or one of your remote controls. Replace the power switch… Read More »

How to install 3rd party apps on Samsung Smart TV

Your Samsung Smart TV comes with a number of entertaining applications pre-installed. Let’s install 3rd party apps on Samsung Smart TV. You may, somehow, download third-party programs on your Samsung Smart TV when you can find them. Third-party apps are those developed by companies apart from Samsung. Smart TVs from Samsung feature their own operating… Read More »

How to Download Purchased movies from Amazon to PC

Let’s download purchased movies from Amazon to pc. The popularity of watching TV series and films on the internet is skyrocketing. Whereas, 8/10 consumers have Amazon Prime and then use it to watch movies online. But, without internet access, this could be problematic at times. You’re basically asking if I could just download Amazon Prime… Read More »

Zamob – Music/Video/TV Series free Download

Zamob is an application for mobile devices that can allow you to search and listen to music online. The zamob app is now available for iPhone and Android devices. To get this app is free of charge. Apart from music, There are not of things you can download from the zamob app. Such as video,… Read More »