Can Someone See If You Searched them on LinkedIn

By | November 5, 2021

LinkedIn is an ideal platform for professional networking for both businesses and individuals. So, you must get this question in your mind that can someone see if you searched them on LinkedIn?


You can have meaningful interactions with like-minded people who can help your business grow.

  • At the same time, it’s a great place for job seekers who want to change their titles and workspaces and want better wages.
  • When someone joins LinkedIn, they try to follow people and connect with others.
  • This should only be done after a thorough review of the following profiles. However, while conducting research, many users do not want others to know that they have seen someone else’s profile.
  • So if you’re looking for someone on LinkedIn, the question arises here, do they know?

Can Someone See If You Searched them on LinkedIn?

If you search for someone on Linkedin will they know?

Fortunately, no matter who I search on LinkedIn, I don’t get a notification.

  • Every time someone searches your profile and clicks to see it, LinkedIn notifies you and says “someone” has seen your profile. However, due to LinkedIn policy issues, users will not be notified of other users who are searching for themselves, only the number of searches in each profile will be displayed.
  • From a reasonable point of view, it’s virtually impossible to start searching for a name because you’ll see different results (loads).
  • LinkedIn runs on an algorithm and there is no way you can tell who you are looking for. From now on, I don’t know who to notify.
  • But there is a problem with the situation!
  • The last time you click on a profile, others will be notified that you have clicked on your profile.
  • Fortunately, there is a way to change it.
  • This will be explained later.

Steps To Hide Your Identity During LinkedIn Profile Viewed Alert

Don’t worry; there is a very simple and easy way to set up your LinkedIn profile privately. Account settings have a privacy feature to increase anonymity. Here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Visit the official LinkedIn website (via mobile or computer device)
  2. Log in to your account
  3. Go to “Settings & Privacy”
  4. Then select the View tab.
  5. The Profile and Network Visibility option is displayed. Below are the “Profile View Options” options.
  6. Touch to display the specified options.
  7. You can choose a detailed profile, a simplified profile (usually job title and location), or use the term “anonymous LinkedIn member”.
  8. Select the option of your choice and click Close.

That’s all! This will update your settings so you can continue to search for each anonymous person.

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In general, we refrain from using LinkedIn because we have the stereotype that it is a difficult platform to crack. But with all the exceptions and opportunities, LinkedIn is a great place to build your network and expand your horizons and expertise.

This article is worried about many new users, so we focused on answering the question of whether anyone knows who they searched for on LinkedIn. When you search for someone on LinkedIn, you want to know if you know it.

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