Can Someone See If You Copy Their Instagram Profile URL

By | April 2, 2022

Instagram is a popular photo-sharing app that allows users to quickly and easily share photos and videos with followers.

Although it was originally launched as a simple way to share photos with friends, it has since evolved into a powerful platform for marketing, branding, and networking.

Thanks to its visually-focused format, Instagram is particularly well-suited for businesses in the fashion, beauty, and design industries. However, any business can use Instagram to connect with customers and build a loyal following.

By posting engaging content and using hashtags wisely, businesses can reach a wide audience and boost their visibility online. Whether you’re a small business or a global brand, Instagram is an essential tool for marketing in the digital age.

Can Someone See If You Copy Their Instagram Profile URL?

When you’re looking for a new Instagram profile to follow, sometimes it’s hard to decide who to choose. Do you go with someone who has a lot of followers, or do you find someone who posts interesting content?

Maybe you just want to follow your friends and family. Whichever route you choose, make sure that you don’t copy their profile URL!

In this blog post, we’ll explain why copying someone else’s URL is a bad idea, and how you can find the perfect profiles to follow on your own.

When you copy someone’s Instagram profile URL, you’re essentially taking their followers and likes with you. This can be frustrating for the person whose profile you copied, and it can also lead to your account being banned from Instagram.

In order to find the perfect profiles to follow on your own, use our tips below!

  • Start by looking for accounts that post interesting content.
  • This could be anything from travel photos to foodie pics.
  • Follow accounts that have similar interests to you. If you love fashion, follow some fashion bloggers!
  • Check out who your friends are following.
  • Chances are, they’ll have some great recommendations for you.
  • Use hashtags to find specific types of content that you’re interested in. This could be anything from #dogsofinstagram to #beautybloggers.
  • Don’t forget to use the explore page! The explore page is a great way to find new and interesting accounts to follow.

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Can someone see if you copy their profile URL on Facebook?

Yes, if someone copies your profile URL on Facebook and pastes it into their browser, they will be able to see your profile. However, if you have privacy settings enabled, they will only be able to see your public profile information.


We hope that our tips help you find the perfect Instagram profiles to follow! Remember, copying someone else’s URL is a bad idea, so be sure to use our tips to find the best profiles for you. Thanks for reading!

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