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How to Send Someone’s Snapchat Story to Someone Else?

Are you getting stuck to send someone’s Snapchat store to someone else? Print the story and click the blue arrow in the lower right corner. Then select the destination and send. Just a note: set it so that the person who posted it puts it in a private story that their friends are not attending,… Read More »

Facebook Advertising Manager App – Ads Manager Guide

Facebook advertising manager app is not something new. Although a lot of Facebook users haven’t heard or know this yet. The few of them that manage to know this, already benefiting from using the advertising manager app. So if you have not heard of the advertising feature on the Facebook platform, then you just counted… Read More »

Facebook Girls Video – Girls Video on Facebook Watch

Are you a Facebook user who still doesn’t have the slightest idea of what the Facebook girls video is all about? then you are just at the right destination. You will surely get every detail about the Facebook girls video. Well, there are so many users out there who have come in contact with girls’… Read More »